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Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation is the best way, for many people, to negotiate a fair and cost effective divorce.  The parties participate in a series of meetings during which they review, discuss, and resolve all of the necessary issues that must be addressed as part of a Massachusetts divorce.  


As an experienced divorce attorney and mediator, I assist the parties as they identify matters of agreement and narrow and resolve areas of disagreement.


If you wish, I can draft all necessary divorce papers and provide you with a "ready to file" package to bring to court.

I typically charge less for an entire divorce mediation than I would charge as a retainer to represent one party in a contested divorce.

Other Services

I can also work with you to mediate other family issues such as child custody, visitation, child support, alimony,

I can provide an overview/evaluation of your case.

I am available to review draft agreements prepared by other mediators as a "mediation friendly" attorney.

I can represent you in collaborative proceedings, which means that each party has their own attorney but agree to conduct the proceedings in a respectful and low pressure manner.

I can represent you as your advocate in a contested litigation if the circumstances warrant that approach.


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